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  About The School  

Toisnot Middle School

School Mascot:  Hawk

School Colors:  Black, Red, and White

School Population: Over 450 students

School Motto: Hawks SOAR





School Mission Statement:

The mission of Toisnot Middle School is to provide a safe educational environment which creates success for all  through students, parents, staff and community working together.

Toisnot Middle School Vision:

Toisnot is a place where students participate in a safe educational environment in which they are engaged and empowered in their learning. Collectively; educators, parents and community members commit to ensuring our students become lifelong learners who are prepared for further education and are equipped with the skills to pursue their goals.

Belief Statements / Guiding Principles  (Expectations / Effort / Whole Child / Responsibility / Culture / Collaboration)

  1. We set High Expectations that drive learning and coursework to be rigorous, engaging and aligned with college and career readiness;

  2. Student achievement and success should Not Be Predictable by race, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status;

  3. We Believe In and Share the Responsibility for the development of the whole child;

  4. We Share Responsibility for promoting a culture of integrity, honor and respect;

       5. Effective Family and Community Partnerships are a cornerstone of the educational experience. 

School History:

Dedicated in 1987 

School Community: 

Feeder elementary schools are Wells, Margaret Hearne, and Vinson Bynum

All students attend Fike High School