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Supply Lists
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Supply List
General Supply List 

Additional supplies may be requested by teachers at the start of school.


All grades

Charged Chromebook

1-Binder  (2.5 or 3 inch)

1-Pack of dividers

1-Pencil pouch

1-Box of colored pencils

Packs of loose leaf spiral notebooks

1-Marble composition notebook




Hand sanitizer


6th grade Specific:

All the above and...

Red Pens

Graph paper

Roll of colorful duck tape to reinforce binders

2- 100 page composition marble notebboks

2-Rolls of scotch tape

1-Pack of chisel dry erase markers

2-2 Pocket folders with fasteners


7th Grade Specific:

All of the above and...

4-composition notebooks

2 -folders

Post it Notes


2-blue pens

glue sticks


8th Grade Specific:

All the above and...

4- marble 100 page/200 sheet composition notebooks, no spiral notebooks 

1- pack of glue sticks

1- hand-held pencil sharpener with lid

1- pack of highlighters

1- pack of notecards

1- pack of graph paper

1- 5 subject spiral notebook

red pen
1- pack of computer copying paper


Several packs of index cards
One 5 subject spiral notebook
Notebook paper
Individual pencil sharpener a must!
Glue sticks you will need several throughout the year
Coloring pencils not markers 
Blue or black pens, and  one red pen
1pack of computer copying paper
1box of tissues
1 box of cleaning wipes 
1 hand sanitizer 
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