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Chromebooks at Toisnot Middle School

Chromebook Acceptable Use Procedures (AUP) Here.

Chromebook Repair Report Here.


Students are encouraged to read and understand the AUP. All applications, activity, and documents stored on the Chromebook are the property of Wilson County Schools and subject to regular review and monitoring.

Students will be given a Chromebook and charger.

Students should:
• Bring your Chromebook fully charged to school everyday.
• Keep your Chromebook with you or in a secured (locked) area at all times.
• Report loss or theft immediately.
• Remember that your Chromebook is for educational purposes.
• Follow the WCS Acceptable Use Policy at all times.
• Log into Chromebook with their school email address only.

Students should not:
• Modify the Chromebook in any way other than instructed by teachers or administration.
• Use another student's Chromebook.
• Apply any permanent marks, decorations, or modifications to the Chromebook.
• Log into Chromebook with a personal email address.
• Use Chromebooks to charge other devices.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will be treated as failure to comply with the
District's Acceptable Use Policy and will be dealt with as specified in the District's
discipline code.

Damage Fees

All prices include taxes and shipping. These prices are current at the time of this printing and are subject to change.

In the event of physical damage or neglect to a device, damage charges will be assigned to the student in order to purchase repair parts. Once repairs have been paid, a loaner device will be provided, if available, for temporary use until the student's device has been repaired. If a student moves from one school to another, any unpaid damage fees will transfer. Students are paying only for parts needed for the physical damage to their device. There are no labor charges involved. The current repair fee for parts or replacement are as follows:

Replacement/Repair Costs for 2017-2018:
Full Device, includes required console license
Screen Replacement
Top Cover/Keyboard
Display Back Cover
Bottom Base
Screen Bezel